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If you’re feeling chronically frustrated — or successful on paper but ultimately unsatisfied — Human Design can help.

You’re a smart, capable person. So if you’re not getting the results you want, let’s try it your way and see what unlocks for you.

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jenn gray.

Your Human Design Consultant &

Host of the Incremental Upgrade Podcast

Before my strategy and authority led me here, I was a teacher, a sales VP, a non-profit director, a digital marketing consultant, a fitness coach... you get the idea.

The point is, I used to feel like there was something wrong with me. Why can’t I just pick something like everybody else? How will I figure out what/when/how to ...?

Those are the questions Human Design helped me answer — and now I see that leaning into these pivots, personally and professionally, is a strength after all.



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Personal Pivot Sessions

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Professional Pivot Sessions

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Partnership Analysis


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Solopreneur Strategy Sessions

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Executive Strategy Sessions

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Profit Potential & Authentic Sales


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New Hire Profiles

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Why I do what I do

Quotation Mark

Working with Jenn helped me get clarity on the dynamics of my business and my strengths. She also shed light on how I could leverage the support of my team to maximize profit potential and flow! So grateful for her insight and highly recommend this for any business owner looking to make things run in a more efficient, aligned way!

Diana D.

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Jenn made connections between elements of my personality that I had never connected before, and they were incredibly and immediately useful to me. She does a wonderful job of explaining the complexities of the Human Design system and gives very practical ways to implement this knowing right away.

Jessica E.

Quotation Mark

Human Design can be so complex, but Jenn made it easy to understand and implement in my life. I love how comprehensive the Notion dashboard is, while Jenn also did a great job of pointing to specific elements that offered deep insight. If you want insight into your work, life & relationships, I highly recommend her.

Amelia H.

Why Human Design?

The most powerful frequency to leave the human body is authenticity.

How do you take your most successful actions?

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How do you make your most aligned decisions?

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What profit potentials are you mistaking for weaknesses?

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What soft skills does your team bring to the table?

Let’s Walk & Talk

Incremental Upgrade Podcast

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Incremental Upgrade is a podcast about little ways to change your life. Each time we chat, I’ll share practical inspiration and clarity questions about personal and professional pivots through the lens of mindset and Human Design.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is Human Design?

Human Design a people analytics system based on quantum mechanics that shows how each of us is uniquely designed to operate individually and together.

2 - How is it different from other personality tools?

What’s unique about Human Design compared to other personality profiling tools is that shows us patterns and potentials we may not be consciously aware of.

3 - How are my results calculated?

Your Human Design is calculated based on your birth date, time, and location. If we use this information to create your chart, it will never, ever be shared.

4 - How can Human Design benefit my business?

In additional to profit potential and soft skills, Human Design can also reveal key themes about your purpose, sales, marketing, values, motivation, and so much more.

5 - Are your sessions live or virtual?

Connecting live is ideal when possible! My office is in downtown Gilbert, Arizona, and we can work together to arrange travel or virtual options as needed.

6 - Where do I start?

Let’s find out whether we’re a good fit in a free consult. I’ll give you practical takeaways about your Design, and we can discuss which services may be best for you.